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Ever wondered about egg freezing and whether you can do it in Singapore? Our doctors at The O&G Specialist Clinic are here to guide and support you. 

What is egg freezing?

Egg freezing is a procedure that enables women to retrieve, freeze and store their eggs. Once frozen, the eggs stop aging and can be warmed and fertilised when chosen. This procedure is especially useful and time-crucial as women’s egg quality and fertility declines with age. 

Is egg freezing right for me?

There are some compelling reasons for women to consider freezing their eggs such as if you’re undergoing or about to undergo medical treatments that may affect your fertility and/or reproductive organs. Cancer treatments that involve chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, and if you are at higher risk of certain cancers and may need to remove your ovaries are some medical reasons to opt for egg freezing so that you have a chance to consider pregnancy or having a child at a future stage of your life. 

Some women are also not ready to have a child during the peak productive years and may want to have their eggs frozen. Elective or social egg freezing such as this also enables women to keep parenthood an open option at a later life stage even when their fertility has declined.

Egg freezing in Singapore

Currently egg freezing is allowed in Singapore for medical reasons only, such as for patients undergoing chemotherapy who may opt to freeze their eggs in case their treatment affects their fertility. Elective egg freezing in Singapore will be allowed from 2023.

Women who are considering egg freezing should consult a doctor or an egg freezing clinic regardless of their reason, to find out if this is a viable option for them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Egg Freezing in Singapore 

Is there an age limit for egg freezing?

There is no age limit for medical egg freezing. Elective egg freezing is available to women from ages 21 to 35. Overall, women should consider freezing their eggs before the age of 35 as fertility starts to decline which affects the quality and quantity of eggs.

Where and how long can the eggs be kept frozen?

Currently for egg freezing in Singapore, there is no time limit on how long frozen eggs can be kept. The frozen eggs are kept in storage tanks filled with liquid nitrogen in assisted reproduction clinics.

What are the chances of getting pregnant after egg freezing? 

There are many factors that contribute to chances of getting pregnant. If you freeze your eggs before 35, the chances may be higher. However, while egg freezing is a safe procedure, it does not guarantee that you can get pregnant when you are trying.

Dedicated Support and Services at The O&G Specialist Clinic

We look forward to being a part of your elective egg freezing journey from 2023. Until then, our team of caring and experienced gynaecologists and specialists at The O&G Specialist Clinic are always here for the well-being of your gynaecological health. We are dedicated to caring for your long-term overall health and fertility in a holistic and cost-effective manner. Book an appointment at our clinic or schedule a virtual consultation at your convenience.

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