If you and your partner have been trying to have a family for some time now, there’s a high chance that you both just want to find out what’s the problem and look for immediate treatment.

However, this isn’t a simple matter as it is a matter of your family planning. So, take the time to understand your diagnoses, learn about the different treatments and add-ons, and look for the right clinic.

This may seem like a complicated process, but once you know what to expect, you’ll be able to start your fertility journey in the best possible way.

Importance of Choosing the Right Fertility Clinic

Much like seeking the right treatment for any ailment that you experience, choosing the right fertility clinic to help you and your partner get pregnant is important. With so many fertility clinics to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming to decide on one. Hence, you and your partner will need to do some homework.


You can do your research on fertility clinics online or ask for recommendations from your family or friends. That way, you’ll be able to learn about their experiences of the clinic. Also, part of choosing a fertility clinic is personal and subjective because the clinic recommended to you may not be the best for you so make sure to investigate the clinic yourself.

Success rate

Fertility issues can be due to a variety of reasons. With constant evolution in the medical field, treatments are also evolving which means you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Hence, you’ll need to ask the clinics about their fertility success rates and treatments.


Finding a reputable clinic may be important, but nothing beats a good staff service that will make you feel comfortable throughout your visit to the clinic. That’s because fertility treatments tend to challenge the emotions of couples given the amount of time you have to spend at the clinic.


Fertility tests and treatments can be time-consuming and expensive. Fertility clinics must give clear and concise information on their current costs and charges, including additional costs that may apply to certain medication or surgery. If you’re on a smaller budget or it’s an important factor in your journey, make sure to find out the costs during your research.

So, there you have it – the importance of choosing the right fertility clinic. While it may seem simple, some couples assume that going to an obstetrician or gynaecologist is the same as seeing a fertility doctor. But there’s a difference between the two.

Fertility Specialist or OB/GYN: Which is right for you?

There are certain procedures that a fertility specialist can do during the conception journey that an OB/GYN cannot. The latter is an expert on female reproductive health while the former is an OB/GYN with extra training specifically on fertility issues.

Upon completion of their OB/GYN training, fertility specialist continues their education in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. They may even continue their research every year as reproductive medicine is constantly evolving. Hence, allowing them to diagnose both female and male fertility issues, and create an individualised plan for fertility treatments.

That said, here are some factors to consider when choosing between a fertility specialist and an OB/GYN.

#1 How long you’ve been trying to get pregnant?

In general, a visit to an OB/GYN is the first step in the fertility treatment journey. Your gynaecologist can perform a fertility evaluation to find if other factors are affecting your chances of getting pregnant. If the evaluation points to an underlying fertility issue, you can consider seeing a fertility specialist at fertility clinics.

#2 Age

Females over the age of 30, with a history of pelvic inflammatory disease or problems related to their menstrual cycles, should see a fertility specialist than an OB/GYN. If you fall under this category, best to pay a visit to the fertility clinic than OB/GYN clinic.

#3 Medical history

If you experience irregular or painful menstrual cycles or even have a hard time tracking your ovulation, consider seeing a fertility specialist instead of an OB/GYN. Other reasons to visit a fertility clinic include miscarriage, you or your partner are overweight or underweight, and you or your partner had or have an STD.

#4 Partner’s fertility

There’s a general misconception that the female’s fertility is the most important factor for a successful pregnancy. Little do people know that the male’s fertility is also important. If your partner has a low sperm count or his semen analysis comes back abnormal, he may be referred to a urologist who has been trained to handle male fertility issues.

Depending on your fertility issue, a visit to a fertility clinic will be more worthwhile than a visit to the OB/GYN’s. Additionally, choosing the best fertility clinic isn’t just about the tests and treatments but also about your comfort and safety throughout your journey.

If you’re looking for a fertility clinic in Singapore, The O&G Specialist Clinic is helmed by experienced fertility specialists who will always be there for you throughout your pregnancy journey.

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